A Bright Idea!

A Bright Idea!

by happy October 04, 2012

Did you know it takes:

–> 74% less energy to recycle steel than to manufacture it from raw materials
–> 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than to manufacture it from raw materials
–> 30% energy to recycle glass than to manufacture it from raw materials

With energy saving like this, recycling lighting products seems like a no brainer.  Luckily there is now a free service that includes all types of lights to be recycled without charge*.

While this program has been open to residential areas since 2010, in recent weeks it has expanded to large volume generators. In other words: businesses, contractors, relampers, schools, hospitals, and building managers.

HSR wants to take this green initiative one step further. We will now pick up, remove, and recycle large volumes of these products without charge. That’s right, all for free. We know that when you’re running a business or managing a property, time is limited. The less hassle for you, the easier it is to recycle and take greener initiatives.

Some lighting products contain hazardous materials like mercury, so now you can prevent these harmful materials from contacting our environment by safely recycling these products at approved facilities (like ours!).  Whether it’s bulbs, fluorescent tubes, non PCB ballasts, or lighting fixtures, give us a call and we’ll take them off your hands.

We want to help reinforce British Columbia’s position as North America’s leader in environmental stewardship and recycling. So help keep Stan Happy and recycle those lights!


*Please call the office for details

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