A Waste of E-Waste

A Waste of E-Waste

by happy October 09, 2012

It seems like every week people are anxiously lining-up around the block to obtain the newest iPhone, iPad, or computer. And although you may have purchased yours only a couple of months ago, your current device quickly becomes outdated for the latest and greatest advancement.

Needless to say it’s hard to keep up. So whether you’re a business owner or a student, those once prized and expensive electronics that we depend on are cast off in order to make room for their faster, better, and costly replacement.

All of these technological upgrades mean that more things are piling up: your credit card, and the landfill.

Electronic waste, also referred to as “E-waste”, is the fastest growing source of waste in North America. E-waste can be a valuable resource for secondary raw materials, however if not disposed of properly it is a major cause of toxins and carcinogens in our environment. Besides just taking up room in the landfill, E-waste does not decompose, causing toxic substances like arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and nickel to filter into the soil and water. Therefore, responsible stewardship of e-waste is essential.

If confidentiality and important information is one of your biggest concerns when disposing your hard drive, we can assure you that this information will be destroyed in a way that does not compromise your privacy or the environment.

From servers to fax machines, find out all of the office equipment and electronics that we can take off your hands.


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