A Zero Waste Economy: The Future of Metro Vancouver?

A Zero Waste Economy: The Future of Metro Vancouver?

by Jamie September 23, 2012

A couple of weeks ago HSR Services attended the Zero Waste Conference. This interactive event discussed the crucial impact of design on our waste and our economy.

How can businesses create zero waste solutions? We examined how the following issues can steer this future.



Food composting is finally becoming incorporated into recycling programs throughout Metro Vancouver, but this is just one step towards eliminating naturally compostable waste that ends up in the landfills.


Wood: Rediscovering it’s Worth

Did you know that 1.5 million tonnes of wood waste end up in the landfill every year? A further concern is that when wood breaks down it produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.


Products and Packaging

Recently on our Facebook page, we posted the term “Precycle”. Finding products that use packaging which doesn’t add to the landfills is a small but impactful way consumers can steer this movement.


Behaviour Change

Can you imagine what a zero-waste economy would look like? It would take more than just government leadership, but a change in all of our attitudes towards the way we live and purchase goods and services.

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