Are your wheels Green?

Are your wheels Green?

by happy November 06, 2012
Whether you’re driving this… or this…

Rainy weather and colder temperatures means that many of us will be driving our cars a lot more. While we always push for greener options like walking or biking, we know that sometimes it’s just not always possible.

So here are some helpful tips that can reduce your vehicles impact on the environment. And here’s the best part, it’ll also save you some money!

-Keep your tires properly inflated

-Replace a clogged air filter

-Keep your vehicle well maintained. An out-of-tune engine can increase emissions and fuel consumption by as much as 15%

-Always follow your car manufacturer’s suggested tune-up schedule to ensure your vehicle is performing at its best

-Avoid topping off your gas tank. Topping off releases gas fumes into the air and cancels the benefits of the pump’s anti-pollution devices

-Carpool! When you share the ride and you’ll reduce your costs and your impact on air pollution. Plus you’ll have a buddy to talk to!

-Use a car-sharing service such as Zipcar, which may eliminate the need to own a vehicle altogether

What kind of vehicle are you driving and how are you reducing its impact? Send us a message on Facebook or Tweet us your tips!

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