Being Silver and Being Green

Being Silver and Being Green

by happy September 05, 2013

recycleYou may not think it, but the pre-boomer generation were the original recyclers. Except they just didn’t call it that. They called it being frugal. They called it simply a way of life.Preservation was an important endeavour for this generation and it was based completely out of necessity. Many different materials were rationed, including food, so nothing went to waste. Have leftover fabric from making clothes? Use the scraps in a rag rug. Have some leftover meat from a meal? Add it to rice or noodles for a completely new dish the next day. Did you get something new? Give the old one to someone who needs it. Everything seemed to have more than one life. Items in those times also tended to be more durable and higher quality. People took care of their possessions much more so than now.

Clearly our grandparents were ahead of the green trends.

In fact, according to a 2007 survey from Stat Can the households most likely to have recycled all of their waste were those that contained only individuals aged 65 years or more.

Recycling became a buzz word in the mid-80s, which is when we saw an influx of curbside recycling programs. In the past thirty years, recycling has come a long way. We now have services like the ones we provide at Happy Stan’s. However, we seem to take for granted that we can just “expect” to recycle. While we’re proud to offer a multitude of recycling and disposal solutions to meet your business and household needs, we would all benefit to live more like our grandparents in a zero waste economy.

So take a tip from the older generation and think twice about what you have and what you can do with it. If you don’t need it anymore, try donating it to someone who does, or upcycle it into something new!


Once those options are exhausted, bring it by to our drop off centre , or contact us for a free recycling consultation.

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