A Bright Idea!

by happy October 04, 2012 HSR Services, Recycling Education, Stewardship

Did you know it takes: –> 74% less energy to recycle steel than to manufacture it from raw materials –>

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Lunch Time! Save Money, Calories, and the Planet with our Green Tips

by happy September 30, 2012 Eco Tips, Live Green, Uncategorized

Like so many of us, you’re busy. Between work, friends, family, exercise, errands, and all of the other things you

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We got the Weekend Covered…

by happy September 26, 2012 HSR Services, Resource Recovery Center

  Great news! Happy Stan’s Recycling Services’ Resource Recovery Centre is now open on weekends from 11:00am – 4:00pm. So

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A Zero Waste Economy: The Future of Metro Vancouver?

by happy September 23, 2012 Conferences and Events, Eco Tips, HSR Services, Live Green, Recycling Education, Resource Recovery Center, Zero Waste

A couple of weeks ago HSR Services attended the Zero Waste Conference. This interactive event discussed the crucial impact of

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Cut Your Scrap! Metro Vancouver Composts into a Greener Future

by happy September 19, 2012 Recycling Education, Resource Recovery Center

On a mission to becoming the World’s Greenest City by 2020, Vancouver has taken a new stride in sustainability when

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A New Idea: Reinventing Yesterday’s Newspaper

by happy September 16, 2012 DIY Projects, Eco Tips, Live Green, Resource Recovery Center, Zero Waste

There are a lot more ways to recycle your old newspapers and junk mail than just throwing them in the

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We Talk Workplace Sustainability at the Polaris Eco Fair

by happy September 10, 2012 Conferences and Events, Eco Tips, Live Green, Recycling Education

What’s our favourite way to spend a warm, sunny Thursday afternoon in Vancouver?     Talking sustainability at the Polaris

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"Green" Olympics 2012?

by happy July 27, 2012 Conferences and Events, Live Green

  “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Well, with big events, comes a big responsibility as well! The long-awaited Summer

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How to Stay Cool without AC

by happy July 20, 2012 Eco Tips, Live Green

  Not only does it save the environment, being green saves you money! Yes, we’re talking about cash. Summer can

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Local Summer Fun

by happy July 13, 2012 Conferences and Events, Live Green

Who else has been spending their time soaking under the sun after work and finding shelter in the basements at

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