Awesome…or Ridiculous?

by happy November 17, 2012 DIY Projects, Live Green, Resource Recovery Center

It’s the weekend, so let’s have some fun in a little game we like to call, “Awesome or Ridiculous.” There

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The War on Cars?

by happy November 13, 2012 Conferences and Events, Live Green

On path to becoming the Greenest City by 2040, Vancouver city councillors unanimously passed a transportation plan that aims to

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Are your wheels Green?

by happy November 06, 2012 Eco Tips, Energy Saving Tips, Live Green

Whether you’re driving this… or this… Rainy weather and colder temperatures means that many of us will be driving our

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Sustainable Art is Painting the Green Picture

by happy November 01, 2012 DIY Projects, Eco Tips, HSR Services, Live Green, Recycling Education

Maybe it’s because we’re still buzzing from excess Halloween candy, but we’ve had a sudden strike of artistic inspiration after

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Are you prepared?

by happy October 29, 2012 Eco Tips, Live Green

Mother Nature was seriously angry this weekend.   With a 7.7 magnitude earthquake that hit the west coast of Haida

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Conserve the Love and Dine Out Tonight!

by happy October 25, 2012 Conferences and Events, Live Green

“Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a

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Thousands Protest the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project

by happy October 23, 2012 Conferences and Events, Recycling Education

About 3,500 demonstrators rallied together in front of the B.C. legislature yesterday to protest against the proposed $5.5-billion, 1,172-kilometre Enbridge

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There’s Someone Who Needs to Start Dieting…

by happy October 15, 2012 Eco Tips, HSR Services, Live Green

We hope we’re not being too offensive, but your trash can has been looking a little…er…heavy these days. It’s not

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Faling into Fall

by happy October 11, 2012 Live Green

Though it’s not a phrase we coin too often, we’ll be the first to admit that we’ve had some pretty

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A Waste of E-Waste

by happy October 09, 2012 Eco Tips, HSR Services, Live Green, Recycling Education, Zero Waste

It seems like every week people are anxiously lining-up around the block to obtain the newest iPhone, iPad, or computer.

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