Commercial Services

Junk Removal Services

HSR Services makes junk removal easy. For the same cost or less, we recycle what most junk removal companies throw away. We have the facility, the knowledge, and equipment to turn your junk into valuable materials.

Document Shredding Services

Every office produces confidential data. At HSR Services, we provide a confidential, secure document shredding service that will take care of all your office shredding needs.

Hard Drive Shredding Services

HSR Services can take care of hard drive shredding to ensure complete and total destruction of your hard drives.Once our shredder gets a hold of it, nobody is getting any info out of your hard drive!

Office Recycling Services

We provide a fantastic office recycling program that will take care of all your office recycling, from paper and cardboard, to batteries, old computers, and electronics. We will also provide you with information on lunch room recycling so you can be assured that your recycling efforts are going the full distance.

Recycling Consultation Services

A consultation can provide you with information on best practices, suggestions on equipment type, location and service frequency. This eliminates all the guess work and helps get your program up and running as quickly as possible.

Property Management Services

HSR Services provides a unique recycling service for property managers. Bring us in at the start of your job and we can take care of your initial demolition needs such as: removal of furniture, displays, shelving, and other minor demolition jobs.

Destruction of Merchandise Services

At HSR Services, we will take obsolete, defective or returned merchandise and destroy it via dismantling, cutting, or crushing, and then sell the material as a recyclable commodity.

Roll-Off Bin Services

We can provide a number of roll-off services for material such as: junk wood and pallets, drywall, cardboard, cardboard tubes, plastics, and metals. If you are doing a clean-up let us do the work for you. Our clean-up crew is fast, efficient and most importantly, knowledgeable.

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IT companies

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Convention Centers

Warehousing companies

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Bundle Your Recycling Services

When you bundle your services with HSR Services you will save time money and resources. HSR Services has all the experience needed to take care of all your recycling needs so you don’t have to spend countless hours researching hundreds of companies every time you need to have something recycled. We have done all this work for you and our licenses, insurance and affiliations are a testament to this.


Your biggest cost is often having our truck come to your facility, so why not take advantage of our truck and driver and have us take care of everything while we are there! It is that easy! Often there are items that our drivers will accept at no added cost such as scrap metal or large appliances.


You can often add mixed paper or a lunchroom recycling programs to your pick-up for less than $10.00, or shredding service to your office starting at $25. If you have any questions or concerns, you are dealing with the same company that you have built a rapport with. All this coupled with our satisfaction guarantee, how can you go wrong? Just call our office (604-464-0242) or send us a quick email and we will start taking care of you and your waste today!


HSR Services can take care of hard drive shredding to ensure complete and total destruction of your hard drives.Once our shredder gets a hold of it, nobody is getting any info out of your hard drive!


Why hire dozens of contractors, when we can do it all. Talk to us about our recycling service bundles.


Our team of experienced recyclers are our most valuable resource and together we’re working towards your recycling goals.


We get it. You’re busy and want your recycling done without having to follow up and repeat your request. At HSR Services, we’re on your site. Our crew is reliable, efficient, and fast, so you don’t have to worry about your pickups ever again.