Cut Your Scrap! Metro Vancouver Composts into a Greener Future

Cut Your Scrap! Metro Vancouver Composts into a Greener Future

by happy September 19, 2012

On a mission to becoming the World’s Greenest City by 2020, Vancouver has taken a new stride in sustainability when they announced food scraps would be included in the weekly recycling program. Since almost 40% of the landfill is made-up of food scraps and other naturally compostable materials, this marks a major step in the reducing greenhouse gases and moving into a more eco-friendly future.

FACT: Removing all food scraps and compostables from Vancouver’s landfill would reduce greenhouse gases equivalent to taking 10,000 cars off the road.

For now, this service is only available to homes or duplexes. The next phase will be for apartment dwellers to enjoy the compostable benefits, which is rumoured to be in the works over the next few months.

So, what makes the cut?


HSR Services has helped steer these vary same initiatives for commercial businesses throughout Metro Vancouver by removing unwanted waste in order to give them new life outside of the landfill. If your restaurant, office, or building wants to learn how we can help you take care of your compost or recyclables, contact us for more details!

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