December 2011 Newsletter

December 2011 Newsletter

by Jamie December 16, 2011

As always, we look forward to taking care of your recycling needs, whether it’s a service or advice. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about our newsletter.

From all of us at Happy Stan”s recycling… Thank you!

Recycle Old Christmas Lights

What to do with old Christmas Lights?

It is the month to start putting up Christmas lights and you realize it’s time to replace your old lights. So, what do you do with those old Christmas lights? Just bring them down to Happy Stan’s Recycling Services and we will recycle the old lights for you at no cost. There is just one thing we ask from you and it is to make sure that you remove the bulbs from the old incandescent lights before dropping them off.

It’s free and it’s easy, so drop off those old lights that have been piling up in your garage.


Free Recycling for Large Appliances

If you’ve replaced your old large appliances with new ones that you received over the holidays, don’t throw your old appliances away. Appliances can be recycled, and here at Happy Stan’s we offer recycling services for your large appliances. So, for the month of January, Happy Stan’s Recycling Services will be offering free recycling for all large appliances including those with freon, such as fridges and freezers.

Recycle Batteries for Free

We use batteries all the time and as soon as the batteries are dead people throw them away. Batteries contain harmful chemicals that can leach into our soil and ground water if they aren’t disposed of properly. Help prevent harmful chemicals to leak into our environment by recycling your old batteries. As a service to the community of the Tri-City and Greater Vancouver area, Happy Stan’s Recycling Services is offering free battery recycling. We will be recycling all household alkaline, rechargeable batteries and car batteries.

Just bring your batteries to Happy Stan’s Recycling Services during our receiving hours from 7:00am to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday. We also offer battery recycling programs for businesses. To inquire, just e-mail us and we will give you a quote for our services.

Recycling Christmas Poem

Christmas Recycling Poem

By Karla Kehler

It was the night before Christmas,
When all through the house
The only one up was Happy Stan, not the mouse!
While I was so nestled, and snug in my bed
Pop cans and bottles, clanked in Stan’s head.

Happy Stan was awake, he just couldn’t sleep
Dreaming of how many cans he would reap
While every child’s list, longed almost a mile,
The left-over boxes, made Happy Stan smile.

When out of the blue, Happy Stan heard a clatter
Shocked to discover, that Santa was fatter
He slid down our chimney, through ashes and muck,
Supposed to be sleeping, I saw Santa stuck.

I noticed a man, with traces of dirt
That covered his elbows, his hands and his shirt.
He reached his hand high, to help Santa out,
Where did he come from, what’s he about?

Who had saved Santa, from being stuck in that soot?
Who yanked him out, from the sole of his foot?
I didn’t quite know, found out what I could.
Turns out Happy Stan, did just what he should.

Santa was chubby and plump, had put on some pounds,
And needed some help, making his rounds
Stan worked out a plan, to help Santa out
In exchange for some words, that Santa would shout.

Santa delivered each gift, with a big rosy grin,
Happy Stan ate the cookies, ’cause he was so thin
And I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight
Help save a tree, recycle tonight!

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