Eco-Friendly Tips for Pet Owners

Eco-Friendly Tips for Pet Owners

by Jamie March 08, 2018

Our furry friends give us so much joy, but their carbon “paw”-print is often forgotten as we seek out ways to make our lives greener. But being a pet owner doesn’t mean our environmental impact has to increase as long as we make conscious decisions. So, we’ve made a list of tips to help extend your eco-friendly lifestyle to your pets.


Buy in Bulk

Buy your pet’s food or treats in bulk. Items bought in bulk are usually packaged with less plastic and cardboard, which means less waste is produced. This also means you reduce your carbon footprint as you’ll be making less trips to the store.



If you have items your pet no longer needs or has grown out of, donate them to your local shelter instead of throwing them out. Shelters are always in need of new toys, beds, and supplies to care for their animals. By donating to the shelter, it prolongs the lifetime of your supplies and ensures they’re kept away from the landfill longer.


Eco-friendly Supplies

Before purchasing new leashes, toys, collars, etc., look for second hand items or swap with your friends or family. If you really need to buy something new, look for items made from recycled or organic materials. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, try a DIY project or upcycle something you already own.


Make your own Treats

Instead of buying pre-packaged treats, try making your own at home! Homemade treats are a great way to use ingredients you already have, plus you’ll know exactly what goes in them.


Reduce Driving

Instead of driving to a park to walk your dog, try searching for closer trails and parks around your area, or arrange playdates with your neighbours.

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