Eco Home Renovations

Eco Home Renovations

by Jamie May 26, 2014

Summer is the most popular time for home renovations. Many use the warm summer months to update the kitchen, build a deck, or re-do the roof. If you’re considering selling your home, these additions will likely add value to your property. However, there’s another important aspect to consider that buyers look at: environmental sustainability.


So if you’re creating a summer project to-do list, consider adding these sustainable upgrades to your list:


Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

eco home renovations

How many times a day do you and your family open the refrigerator? Every time you do so, it uses energy. If your fridge is looking like this one, it’s time to invest in an Energy-Star appliance. This will save energy and thus your money in the long run. In addition, BC Hydro has an Appliance Rebate program during the month of May, so hurry and start shopping!

When discarding your old appliances, skip the landfill and bring them to us! We recycle fridges, freezers, washers, dryers, ovens, and many other major appliances. Visit our website for the full list of what we accept.


Switch to A Low Flow Shower Head

eco home renovations

Changing your showerhead is one of the simplest and easiest ways you can reduce your footprint for relatively low cost and labour. If you have a one-flow device, consider replacing it with a 4-6 spray setting showerhead. When you utilize the low flow setting you can control how much (or how little) water you need. This way you will conserve energy and water use.

Change Your Lighting

Lighting is a key feature to any room. Stock your current fixtures with CFL and LED bulbs to make your home more eco-friendly. Though they cost a little bit more than incandescent light bulbs, they pay off in the long run in terms of savings and longevity. Plus we accept them for recycling right here in our facility, which means you can reduce your footprint once they are no longer in use.

If you are planning on doing some major renovations that involve demolition and construction, remember that we accept scrap wood, furniture, shelving, pallets, and other debris that you no longer want. Our drop-off facility is open 7 days a week, which means you can avoid the landfill and bring your debris to us to recycle.

If you’re wondering what other eco-upgrades you can do to your home, contact us on Facebook or tweet us, we’re always happy to help! And for more eco tips, follow us on Instagram.

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