We Talk Workplace Sustainability at the Polaris Eco Fair

We Talk Workplace Sustainability at the Polaris Eco Fair

by happy September 10, 2012

What’s our favourite way to spend a warm, sunny Thursday afternoon in Vancouver?



Talking sustainability at the Polaris Eco Fair last week!



We were thrilled to meet so many people who are interested in creating a greener and sustainable workplace. From recycling hard drives to junk removal, we answered questions on how to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into the office.



Some of the most common questions on how our services can help include:

  • Removing office furniture, displays, shelving, and other minor demolition jobs
  • Discarding, shredding, and recycling confidential business documents to protect important corporate information
  • On-site collection of employees unwanted electronics, batteries, or appliances
  • Installing an office recycling program that will take care of all your office recycling (even the lunch room!)


After booth mingling, the crowd lined up for a delicious barbecue lunch. Burgers on a sunny afternoon? Doesn’t get much better than that!


Any guesses what these used to be? Find out in our next blog post!

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