"Green" Olympics 2012?

"Green" Olympics 2012?

by happy July 27, 2012


“With great power, comes great responsibility”. Well, with big events, comes a big responsibility as well! The long-awaited Summer Olympics 2012 have finally arrived in London. A lot of people have been concerned with the kind of impact a huge scale event like the Olympics would have on the environment—especially the local environment.

The London Olympics 2012 committee have been making “green” their colour. According to their website, the committee has been putting a considerable number of efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and the amount of waste in the landfills. Our favourite part of their efforts is that they do not simply recycle, but they have a focus on “reuse”.



“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. This year’s games, the London committee has reduced their waste by reusing the facilities that are already there: Wimbledon, Excel, Lords Court, Earls Court, Greenwich Park, Hyde Park, and Horse Guards Parade to name a few.


Waste Reduction

It is inevitable to use disposables for food and waste—especially millions of people will be attending these events (Remember Vancouver 2010? There were a lot of people in the city)! They might not be able to reduce the amount of waste, but they certainly can stop it from being a waste. This year, the Olympics are making an effort to use compostable and recyclable food wraps, scraps, and packaging.


Blackwater Technology

When we flush, the water goes down to the sewage system. London has been going through a drought for this season—thus they need to conserve their supply of clean water, but they also need to make sure their plants and greeneries get watered. The water in our toilets, despite after being used, is relatively clean (in a way, it isn’t toxic)—so why not use it to water the fields?



London is already famous for their underground train system. All they have to do was to make sure it is running smoothly and that the trains are frequent. Check out their Active Travel programme.

Well, they have done all the preparations that they can do. Now all eyes are on London. Let the games begin!

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