Make it a GREEN Valentine’s Day!

Make it a GREEN Valentine’s Day!

by Jamie February 13, 2014

How do you say “I love you” without all the marked up flowers, waste and pricey restaurant meals? We polled the Happy Stan Recycling staff and came up with 10 green ways to celebrate the one you love.

green valentines day

1. Why buy expensive long stem roses grown in greenhouses, likely with pesticides? You can find beautiful local in-season flowers at many garden stores, or give a potted plant that will last much longer.

2. Even better than having cut flowers would be to explore one of the many gardens we have, such as Bloedel Conservatory or Vandusen Gardens

3. Make a homemade Valentine with things from around your home. Recycle old magazines, books, newspapers, and even children’s artwork into a meaningful card you won’t find anywhere else.

4. You can buy a bottle of local wine to share with your Valentine at one of many wineries in the area. A shared bottle of local organic wine between two people is a great way to spend time together.  Besides you can recycle your bottle once it’s empty.

5. Chocolates are the way to her heart – there are many local chocolate artisans in the lower mainland that offer recyclable packaging, fair trade, and organic options.

6. Get outside and enjoy nature together. One of the nicest ways to spend a day about love is to embrace the love around you in nature. Go for a walk or a hike and appreciate a new kind of beauty.

7. Leave the car at home and walk or take transit if you are going out. This way, you don’t have to worry about traffic or parking and you can save some money and emissions.

8. Hit up a Farmer’s Market or local market and get ingredients for a meal to make together. Cooking together can be intimate and shows cooperation, compromise and willingness to try new things.

9. Say I love you to your kids by sharing one of your loves – ice skating. Several ice rinks are holding 2-for-1 family skates on Valentine’s Day. What could be more loving than a sport where you hold hands to help one another?

10. Do something nice for your Valentine. It could be a massage after a long week, or offering to repair the dripping faucet, but do something nice for your Valentine this year, and you can bet they’ll remember that more than anything else.

green valentines day


We’ll kick off Valentine’s Day by saying how much we love having you as customers! We’d also like to share this poem written by Karla Kehler:

Recycle Your Love

A delicate rose, that can make a heart sing
Hides from the winter and blooms in the spring
Eventually wilts, sinks into the ground
A new seed is planted, a new flower found
Mother recycles her seeds in the earth
Life reincarnation, nature’s rebirth
We all must contribute, to keep our land clean
May the sky bring us rain, and our love keeps it green
Your valentine may be, your husband or wife
Recycle your empties; your true love is life
We pay our respects, to cupid our host
For loves the one thing, that matters the most
So try to cut back, reuse and refill
So glaciers run pure, and Mountains stay still
Out true love is earth, it lets us breathe free
Taking for granted, the beauty we see
Together we’ll polish, this earth to a shine
If you will be, my sweet valentine

To find out how you can become more green at your workplace or apartment complex, contact us for more information.

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