Happy Stan’s Tips for a Zero Waste Office

Happy Stan’s Tips for a Zero Waste Office

by Jamie April 24, 2018

Going zero waste in the office seems next to impossible with the stacks of papers, envelopes, pens and markers, staplers, and paper clips – many of which are single-use and non-recyclable. But don’t worry, you can easily make an impact by making a few changes in your daily routine! To help, we’re sharing the following tips to encourage you to work towards a zero waste office.

Reduce and Reuse Paper

Email documents and invoices, printing only when necessary. If printing is inevitable, purchase recycled printing paper and print double-sided. Buy recycled envelopes and reuse scrap bits of paper for notes and to-do lists.

Eco-friendly Supplies

Using eco-friendly alternatives, such as a staple-free stapler or a recycled solar-powered calculator, is a great step to reduce waste in the office. Instead of buying paper clips, folders, and binders, reuse the ones you already have. If you really need to purchase new folders and binders, look for ones that are plastic free.

Bring a Lunch

Packing your own lunch and snacks in a reusable container not only reduces packaging waste, but it saves you a lot of money too. If you like to buy your coffee in the morning, skip the single-use cup and bring a reusable mug!

Change your Commute

If you live close to your workplace, try walking, biking or taking the public transit to reduce your carbon footprint. If driving is a must, try carpooling with your coworkers. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

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  • Great info! The “bring your own lunch” is extremely important because too many people working in offices will go out to eat and waste reusable materials. Thanks!