Hot Off the (Recycled) Press!

Hot Off the (Recycled) Press!

by Jamie April 11, 2013

There has been some exciting new things happening over here at Happy Stan’s. So before you fall of the edge of your seat, we’ll get straight to it!


The Latest Zero Waste Canada Board Member:

Happy Stan’s Jamie Kaminski!



Zero Waste Canada (ZWC) is on a mission to create an economy where waste is completely eliminated and resources are continuously reused. Through ZWC, our country has joined other experts from around the world to promote the best policies in order to reduce waste at the source: manufacturers. Their efforts are encouraging companies to redesign products that are repairable, reusable, and durable.

That’s why we’re thrilled that Happy Stan’s General Manager, Jamie Kaminski, has recently been elected on the Board! For more information on ZWC, visit their website, read our blog post, or feel free to contact us! Jamie and the rest of the HSR crew are Happy to answer any questions you may have on this exciting initiative.


We’ve Added a New Service!



If you’re renovating or just need to get rid of old stock, contact us! We’ll come pick you up your old carpets and have them recycled. If you’re looking to obtain LEED credits, this will help increase your score.

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