How To Start A Zero Waste Lifestyle

How To Start A Zero Waste Lifestyle

by Jamie January 25, 2018

Living a zero waste lifestyle may sound like a big feat, but it’s more achievable than you may think! Start incorporating these 5 R’s into your routine to cut down on daily waste and go green. They may be small changes, but they’ll make a big impact on our ecosystem.



We’re all guilty of having things around the house we never use. Some aren’t even unpacked or still have the price tag attached! Next time, before you buy, ask yourself how much value this item will add to your life. Reducing will help eliminate the unnecessary items we accumulate in the household.









Give your unused items another life. By donating or selling items you don’t use, you’ll give someone else a chance to put these items to use. Shopping second hand not only reduces waste, but also saves money!









If you really can’t reuse or repair it, make sure to properly recycle it. When you recycle, used materials are repurposed to make new products, instead of extracting from natural resources.








When things start wearing out, breaking, or stop working, it’s hard to resist purchasing new items. By repurposing and fixing clothes or items around the house, you’ll have a chance to get more use out of them. Repairing extends the life cycle of the item, instead of adding it to the landfill.









Say no to everyday items that can be wasteful! Keep a reusable shopping bag in your car or purse for those unplanned grocery trips. Simply refusing a plastic bag can cut down on the waste we create. Can you think of any other items? We can think of a few! Takeaway cups, paper wrapped plastic straws, individual condiment wraps, plastic forks and spoons, and chopsticks!

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  • Refusing is a big one, the new trend where families will join in together and agree not to use plastic straws for a month helps a lot with this!!