Incinerate Incinerators

Incinerate Incinerators

by happy April 28, 2013

Think incineration is a good thing?


Incinerators are heavy polluters. When materials like plastics and paper are burned through incinerators, they release harmful chemicals and toxins into the air, which then seep into our environment. It’s a common misconception that this makes garbage disappear, but at least 22% is typically reduced to ash that still must be landfilled, where heavy metals and other toxins can escape.

zero waste canada

Happy Stan’s General Manager and Zero Waste Canada Board Member, Jamie Kaminski, rallied in Richmond a few weeks ago for a call to end incineration (that’s him in the center in the orange vest).

The $500 million dollars it would cost to emplace these could be spent on initiatives that won’t cause harm to human health. So what’s the alternative? Zero waste. With more sustainable solutions such as waste reduction, reusing and recycling, we can each take responsibility to live life greener and with more conscious decisions.

For tips on how you can introduce this in your home, read our waste-less tips and visit Zero Waste Canada for more information.

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