It’s Waste Reduction Week!

It’s Waste Reduction Week!

by happy October 24, 2013

Now that we’re full swing into Waste Reduction Week, we want to share our favourite ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle at the place where you spend most of your days: the workplace. It may seem like your actions won’t make a difference, but it’s the small things that equal to big changes.

Whether you spend your work week at the office or on a construction site, there are plenty of ways to reduce your footprint. We’ll show you how.


At the Office

waste reduction week


Paper Shredding and Data Destruction

At HSR Services, we’ll discard confidential daily records and confidential documents by professionally shredding and destroying them. Then we’ll have them baled and sold as paper fiber to be used again. We also have many other services that will help generate your LEED Certification, just contact us for more details.


Sustainable Purchasing

A few simple changes you can make right away are purchasing recycled paper and buying supplies in bulk to reduce transportation costs and energy. You can also look at ways to reduce packaging, like asking suppliers to take back shipping boxes and pallets so they can be used again. Depending on your budget, you can also opt for EnergyStar-rated office equipment.


Create a Recycling Program

Setting a good example at work will help your employees mimic the same green practices at home.

Happy Stan’s provides an Office Recycling Program that takes care of everything you need, from paper to batteries, to computers and electronics. Depending on your needs, we can pick up anywhere within Metro Vancouver. Just tell us what you need and we’ll figure out the rest!

For more office recycling tips, visit our blog post on office recycling where we share more ways to keep it green.


At the Construction Site

waste reduction week

We provide unique services that are catered specifically for building contractors.

All you have to do is bring us in at the start of your job and we’ll take care of all of your disposal and recycling needs. From removal of furniture and displays to minor interior demolition jobs, we’ll sort, separate, and recycle!

We can also provide a number of roll-off services for material such as junk wood and pallets, drywall, cardboard, cardboard tubes, plastics, and metals. Our cleanup crew is fast, efficient and most importantly, knowledgeable.


Waste Reduction Week is a good wake-up call for businesses everywhere to take an eco approach to handling their operations. As an independent business ourselves, we know exactly the type of pressures and stress you face, which is why being green may seem like an after-thought. That’s exactly why we do what we do – to make it easier for you! We’ve really just scratched the surface on ways HSR Services can help you become a green company and save money. Feel free to contact us and let’s chat!

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