Keep It Green for Mom and Mother Nature!

Keep It Green for Mom and Mother Nature!

by Jamie May 08, 2014

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and flowers are the most popular gift for such an occasion. Sure, you can get local grown or fair trade flowers from the store, but chances are many of them have been treated with pesticides. Since the majority of flowers, like the popular roses, are shipped from another country, there is a large carbon footprint you will be contributing to by buying them.


Why not try something different and more impressive this year? Plant your flowers instead! They’ll last longer (hello spring and summer!) and your mom will love the bonding time with you. Once the flowers have sprung, press them inside a heavy book (put those old phonebooks to use) and use them as a bookmark for your summer readings.

What about some good ol’ quality time? Take her to the Port Coquitlam Mother’s Day Brunch at Kinder Café from 9:00am – 12:30pm, where you can enjoy great food and entertainment, as well as receive a goodie bag for your mom.

You could also get crafty and create a “coupon booklet”. Each coupon has a service you will do for your Mom. For example, a 10-minute massage, doing the dishes, or vacuuming. On Pinterest, you can find some great ideas and coupon booklet DIYs. This is an idea we’re confident your Mom will love and won’t throw away!


How are you planning on spending Mother’s Day? Share your green ideas with us on our Facebook page!

Photo Sources: Oneartsymama

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