Office Recycling Starts with You

Office Recycling Starts with You

by happy July 29, 2013

office recycling Though it may seem like these four items have nothing in common, they all share a common destiny: the landfill.

Unfortunately many people are unaware of the extensive list of items that can actually be recycled (including these four above). The amount you can salvage from the landfills really is endless, just take a look! From office furniture to wood pallets, fluorescent tubes to hard-drives, Happy Stan’s Recycling has been giving new life to these products for almost 25 years.

From Apartments to the Office: How Does It Work?

For small to large businesses, office buildings, warehouses and apartment complexes, we can pick up and design a recycling program to suit your needs.

All of the materials that we collect are brought back to our own facility. We then separate them by hand into 50+ grades of material for recycling. This allows us to recycle thousands of difference products.

office recycling

In addition to our full-service junk removal (which accepts just about anything), we also provide a drop-off facility for select items. Check out our website for the list of materials we’ll accept for free.

It’s simple, easy, and often saves you time and money. Set the right example for your employees by leading with green initiatives. Contact us and we’ll be Happy to start designing your custom recycling program.

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