Destruction of Merchandise

Cost efficient



Often, merchandise that is unmarketable ends up going to landfill so they are not resold at reduced rates by a third party. At HSR Services, we will take obsolete, defective or returned merchandise and destroy it via dismantling, cutting, or crushing, and then sell the material as a recyclable commodity.


Because the material used to make the product has value to us, we are able to perform this service at a much lower rate than landfill tipping fees. Also, we have our own trucks, which can often reduce hauling rates.


HSR Services does not resell merchandise; we only sell commodities such as: non-ferrous and ferrous metals, plastics, paper fibers, printed circuit boards, and lead acid batteries. A certificate of destruction is issued upon completion of the destruction of the merchandise so you can be reassured that nothing was resold. 

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