Repurposing – The 4th R of Recycling!

Repurposing – The 4th R of Recycling!

by happy February 20, 2013

We’re all familiar with recycling, but what exactly is repurposing? Repurposing, or “upcycling,” is an even more efficient way to reuse what we have by getting creative and assigning new uses to pre-owned items. It’s a great step to take before tossing that cardboard box into the recycling bin.

By salvaging a discarded shipping container from the landfill and repurposing it, Gibson’s Recycling Depot acquired a new place to house a densification baler. The roof structure is reclaimed pipe that was used to deliver oil and fuels from the Hopkins Landing dock to the bulk fuel storage facility. Now, the roof is placed at the optimum angle to make the solar array the most efficient.


Check it out!

Happy Stan Recycling

Happy Stan Recycling

Happy Stan Recycling










Looking for some ideas on how you take on repurposing? We’re here to help!

Happy Stan Recycling


Turn your old webcam into a security camera!



Modern software can help you transform your webcam into a security camera by emailing you images when motion is detected. Alternatively, you can use this to check in on your home or office remotely. With a number of different software options out there, it’s worth doing a bit of research to find the perfect balance between functionality and cost.


HSR Services




The Macquarium





Remember those old aquarium-like screensavers? Now you can really save your screen by turning it into one! The Macquarium has become such a widely popular trend that the Internet now offers numerous guides on how to achieve the necessary waterproofness, lighting, and safety of handling and recycling the removed parts. Be safe and have fun with this one!


Happy Stan Recycling




Turn almost anything into art!





Who needs an excuse to combine environmentalism with art? Almost any old item of electronics could become part of a fun crafts project! Depending on your level of talent and time, you can make some cute and quirky gifts or follow in the footsteps of artists like Miguel Rivera, who sculpts old hard drives into creations like the robot pictured above.


Some have truly turned the craft of repurposing into a lucrative hobby!

Happy Stan Recycling


Choose one of many ways to repurpose your wine bottles.

Here’s another chance to get creative! After enjoying a bottle of wine, remove the label, and have some fun with it! Wine bottles can serve new purposes as elegant flower vases or, with the bottoms cut out, as elegant candleholders.

Happy Stan Recycling









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