School’s Out! Happy Stan’s Tips to Un-Plug This Summer

School’s Out! Happy Stan’s Tips to Un-Plug This Summer

by Jamie June 25, 2014

Now that school’s out, the big question for many parents is how to keep the kids busy — that doesn’t involve an iPad or a video game. In our electronically plugged-in world, it can seem impossible to remember how to spend our time without a screen in front of us. So we polled the Happy Stan Team to see what their favourite outdoor activities were growing up. Not only are these green, but these summer activities for kids are also free or cost relatively little, and above all, they’re fun!


1. Scavenger Hunt. Plant items around your backyard and give the kids a list of things they need to find. Not only will it get them outside, but it’ll also make them work together as a team.

2. Head to the Beach. Once the weather starts reaching higher temps, take the kids to the beach for a fun day of splashing around in the water and building sand castles.

3. Paint. On rainy days, have them paint a picture on a canvas, or even rocks. When they’re done, put them around the borders of your garden; the kids will love that their work is put to use!


summer activities for kids


4. Berry Picking. Who doesn’t love berry picking (and eating!)? It’s a perfect activity for a day outside. Plus it shows kids where food comes from while supporting local farmers. Once the picking is done, choose your favourite berry recipes and cook them together.


summer activities for kids


5. Farmer’s Market. Take your child to a local farmer’s market and teach them about different fruits and vegetables. There is a ton throughout Metro Vancouver, including every Thursday in Port Coquitlam. Visit their website for more info.

6. Bike the Seawall. Stanley Park has just been named the number one park in the world, so go enjoy it! Plan a day to ride around and stop for a picnic to take a break and enjoy the west coast scenery.Hopefully some of these ideas will help inspire you and your family to get away from their electronics and enjoy summer outside. After all, this season is the perfect time to enjoy our beautiful province!


summer activities for kids


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Photo Source: Rock Art, Berry Picking, Bike Photo

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