Sustainable Art is Painting the Green Picture

Sustainable Art is Painting the Green Picture

by Jamie November 01, 2012

Maybe it’s because we’re still buzzing from excess Halloween candy, but we’ve had a sudden strike of artistic inspiration after spotting these amazing pieces made from unwanted materials. Sure, anyone can just pick up a paintbrush, but what would you do with 40,000 junk mail flyers? Check out how some people have thought outside the bin.


While we know that you could always throw that junk mail in the blue bin, incase you have a few hours (or days…or weeks) to spare, you could always try out this art piece made entirely out of junk mail that this artist received over the course of an entire year.






Made entirely from recycled clothing, we have to wonder…you think there’s a pot of greens at the end of that rainbow?






Are you the only kid on the block whose parents won’t let you have a dog? Well, just do what this artist did: collect all of the discarded plastic odds and ends you can find and just sculpt man’s best friend. He even comes potty trained!







We couldn’t think of a more fitting piece for the HSR gallery, what this being election week and all. President Obama actually took a whole community to construct, as local restaurants collected and supplied artists with bottle caps on a weekly basis. Pretty cool, huh!




Kudos to all of these talented people who thought outside the bin and created works of art that raise eco-consciousness. However, that doesn’t mean you have start heating up your glue gun and trying to channel your inner Picasso just to reduce waste from our landfills. There are plenty of items that you may think are “unrecyclable”, but can actually be discarded in a sustainable way. Light bulbs, coat hangers, batteries, and hard drives can all be given new life at our facility. For a full list, visit here or tweet us and we’ll be happy to help!

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