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School’s Out! Happy Stan’s Tips to Un-Plug This Summer

by Jamie June 25, 2014 DIY Projects, Eco Tips, HSR Services, Live Green, Recycling Education, Zero Waste

Now that school’s out, the big question for many parents is how to keep the kids busy — that doesn’t

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Green Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

by Jamie June 20, 2013 DIY Projects, Eco Tips, Energy Saving Tips, Live Green

Meteorologists are predicting record-breaking heat this summer in Metro Vancouver. While this is good news for ice cream companies, it’s

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Green Love

by Jamie February 12, 2013 Conferences and Events, DIY Projects, Eco Tips, Holiday Hours, HSR Services, Live Green

With Valentine’s Day just a couple of days away, it’s time to spoil that special someone in your life with

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Are your wheels Green?

by Jamie November 06, 2012 Eco Tips, Energy Saving Tips, Live Green

Whether you’re driving this… or this… Rainy weather and colder temperatures means that many of us will be driving our

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There’s Someone Who Needs to Start Dieting…

by Jamie October 15, 2012 Eco Tips, HSR Services, Live Green

We hope we’re not being too offensive, but your trash can has been looking a little…er…heavy these days. It’s not

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Lunch Time! Save Money, Calories, and the Planet with our Green Tips

by Jamie September 30, 2012 Eco Tips, Live Green, Uncategorized

Like so many of us, you’re busy. Between work, friends, family, exercise, errands, and all of the other things you

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