There’s Someone Who Needs to Start Dieting…

There’s Someone Who Needs to Start Dieting…

by Jamie October 15, 2012

We hope we’re not being too offensive, but your trash can has been looking a little…er…heavy these days. It’s not his fault; all he does is just sit underneath your sink and eat junk food all day. Can you really blame him?

Now is the perfect time to put that garbage of yours on a diet, as it’s Waste Reduction Week in Canada! There are many ways we can tweak our consumption habits in order to cut back on the amount of waste – Our driving hours are Monday-Sunday 7:00 AM-8:00 PM – We will work around your schedule.

From students to businesses, join the rest of us Canadians who are resolving to reduce our waste and start living consciously.

From October 15th to the 21st, we’ll be sharing tips to reduce waste on our Facebook and Twitter, so follow us to find out how your trash can can start cutting back on those calories and be a svelte cylinder once again.

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