Trash It or Recycle It? It’s Time to Change Your Perception

Trash It or Recycle It? It’s Time to Change Your Perception

by Jamie September 19, 2013

Chances are you have looked at a crumpled up can or the little holes from your hole puncher and thought “Well, now that’s trash”.

Guess what: You’re wrong!

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A recent study found that people do not understand the difference between trash and recyclables, and it’s all based on perception. When an item is not in its original form, people think it as damaged, and therefore, trash.

The authors of the study stress that the challenge to recycling is largely about changing people’s beliefs. If companies made it easier to preserve the condition of the package once it had been opened, then people would be more likely to recycle it.


Around the world, more than two billion tons of trash are generated each year, with the United States throwing away more than any other country, followed very closely by Canada.

Of course, companies investing in their packaging and labelling would also help to remind people that they can recycle their products, but you can do your part by taking a look at what you are trashing and consider if it is truly garbage, or just not your usual recyclable.

Here at Happy Stan’s, we’re happy to receive your recycled materials from your home at our Drop-Off Facility, which is open seven days a week in Port Coquitlam. Our list of acceptable materials is a good place to learn what you can give new life. You can also tweet us or post a question on Facebook and we’ll be happy to tell you if it’s recyclable.

So spread the word by tweeting this blog post! Let’s change our perception – and the future.

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