Tweeting Green

Tweeting Green

by happy December 05, 2012

Are you a tweeter?

Okay you caught us, we love to tweet. It’s a great channel to connect with other eco-loving, recycling-pushing, sustainably-living peeps across the globe. Everyday we learn something new, in fact here are just a few crazy eco facts we found in our newsfeed:






These are good reminders on just how much further we need to go to sustain our environment and reduce our consumption.

Here’s another #ecofact: Your company or office can become a leader in the green movement. By working with us, you can earn credit towards lead certification. For more information, feel free to contact us (or tweet us!).
Are you or your company on Twitter? Let’s connect! Stan would love to start chattin’. Find him and the rest of the gang at @HSRServices.

On another note, we will be closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day. Other than that it is business as usual. We will accept all Christmas lights and light strands dropped off at no charge!

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