Waste-less Wednesday

Waste-less Wednesday

by Jamie January 16, 2013

Though today is better known as Hump Day, we think Waste-less Wednesday has a much better ring to it. While many of us start our week with the best intentions of eating healthy, working out, and living sustainably, by mid-week these goals may fall by the wayside.

So we polled the HSR team and asked them to share their favourite ways to waste less:

  • Use a lunchbox instead of sandwich bags
  • Turn old clothes into rags or washcloths for household cleaning, which as are washable alternatives to paper towels



How are you storing those leftovers? Instead of plastic wrap or Ziploc bags, opt for containers that can be washed and used over and over again.

  • Starbucks now has $1 reusable cup, or you can bring your own. You’ll automatically save 10cents on each purchase.
  • At your next party forego plastic cutlery, napkins, and cups. Sure you’ll have to spend a little extra time at the dishwasher, but at least you’ll save time hauling trash to the curb! Plus it just makes for a more elegant dining experience for your guests.
  • Do you have plastic bags spilling out of your cupboards? Just by bringing a rusable shopping bag at the grocery store you’ll be doing a lot for the environment. Stores are now charging 5 cents a bag – doesn’t seem like much, but over time it can really add up.
  • Ask to only receive your bills through email versus regular snail mail.










How do you reduce, reuse, and recycle? Tell us on Facebook and we’ll tweet out your tip.

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