Zero Waste Hostess Gift Ideas

Zero Waste Hostess Gift Ideas

by Jamie June 11, 2018

Heading to a house warming or dinner party? Instead of gifting a new vase or other miscellaneous knick knacks that could end up in the landfill, bring a gift that can be used up or consumed. We’ve compiled a list of simple, thoughtful, and sustainable gifts you can bring to your next party!

Homemade Baked Good and Sweets

Who doesn’t love a good treat? Homemade cookies or chocolates are nearly impossible to resist, especially when paired with a cold glass of milk or hot tea. Fill up a mason jar they can reuse after!


Skip the flowers and bring a potted plant! A plant will last longer, improve air quality, and be a great centrepiece.

Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins are great for just about everything! They could be used for table settings, drying your hands in public restrooms, wrapping up treats, or for the sniffles. Personalize them by sewing their initials on them or choosing their favourite colour.

Beeswax Wraps

These are a great alternative to plastic wrap and can be easily made at home! Customize them by choosing a fabric you think the homeowner will like.

Homemade Soap or Candle

Homemade soap and candles are fun to make and, most of the time, better than the ones found in store. Wrap them in recycled paper or give as is.

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