Zero Waste International Alliance Conference

Zero Waste International Alliance Conference

by Jamie March 28, 2013

Last week Happy Stan’s Recycling was one of 4 organizations representing Canada at the Zero Waste International Alliance Conference in Berkley, California. This exciting event brought together green leaders moving towards the same vision: a Zero Waste Economy.


Zero Waste International Alliance

Can you spot Jamie? Fourth from the right in the second to last row.


So what exactly do we mean by “Zero Waste”? NO waste. If there is no waste, there is no need for landfills. Simple.

Would you believe that there is actually no need for incinerators or landfills? If this seems like an impossible goal, just look across the ocean. These ZW methods have been embraced by Sweden, and have been so effective that they’ve actually had to import garbage from other countries for their incinerators.

But if we have zero waste we do not need to burn or bury our resources! Just constantly re-use them in a circular economy.

If an entire country can achieve this kind of success, so can we.  We just need leadership and greater public knowledge about this issue. It’s about making small changes. From bringing cloth bags to haul groceries or packing your lunch with reusable containers. From there, you can take it a step further, like choosing products that have little to no packaging versus the same item that is unnecessarily wrapped in plastic and cardboard.

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