Zero Waste Tips for Back to School

Zero Waste Tips for Back to School

by Jamie September 05, 2018

September has arrived, which means one thing: it’s back to school! Cue the alarm clocks, homework, and parent teacher interviews. Whether it’s kindergarten or grade 12, every parent finds these next 10 months particularly challenging to get everything done.

Between work, drop offs, pick-ups, and extracurricular activities, there’s likely little time left to do much else. As a result, we tend to rely on quick grab-and-go items that are often synonymous with unnecessary waste. So before you bring out that credit card or grab that drive-thru coffee, we’re sharing some easy and zero waste tips to make it your greenest school year yet.

Zero Waste Lunches

Invest in durable glass tupperware instead of the plastic options, as this is much less toxic. Plus you can easily microwave and reheat soups, pasta and other comfort food as the temperatures start to drop. We love using mason jars as a cost-effective option. Layer with lettuce, brown rice, black beans, cheese, avocado and salsa for a delicious take on a burrito bowl!

Shop At Home

School supplies can really start to add up. From notebooks to calculators to backpacks, you’re easily stepping into triple digit numbers (especially if you have more than one child you’re shopping for). Chances are, you have plenty of items around your home that will easily do the job. Just check through that pantry or ‘junk drawer’ and you’ll likely find scissors, highlighters, pens, pencils and more.

Ask Around

We bet that you have neighbours, friends, cousins and siblings who have at least one kid in school. That means they likely have plenty of items that are in great shape but no longer have the need for. Make a call out on your Facebook page or send a group message and list the items you’re looking for. From backpacks to running shoes, you never know what treasures you’ll find!

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