Happy Stan’s Recycling Office Clean-up Tips

Happy Stan’s Recycling Office Clean-up Tips

by Jamie December 05, 2016

With the end of the year fast approaching, there’s no better time than now to whip your office into shape. To ensure you start off 2017 with a clean slate, the crew at Happy Stan’s Recycling are sharing their most convenient and efficient services that are guaranteed to help optimize your workspace.


1)  Office Shredding: From customer lists to correspondences to employee information, every business produces confidential data. Instead of letting these documents pile up and create clutter, HSR Services can securely transport and destroy them. Once shredded, the documents are then sent in bulk to a paper broker to be baled and sold as paper fiber.



2)  Junk Removal: If sorting through your recyclable materials is the last thing you want to do, or if some of your items are not considered recyclable, our junk removal service may be for you. Unlike most junk removal companies, we have the facility, network of fellow recyclers, and equipment to turn your junk into materials that can be sent to different recycling companies around North America. Super easy, we simply provide a pick-up and then dispose of your discarded items for you.


3)  Office Furniture Recycling: Out with the old, in with the new. If your office furniture is getting an upgrade, we’ll ensure your unwanted desks and chairs aren’t just tossed into a landfill. Our team works hard to separate the different materials that your furniture is made up of, so your wood and metal desks that would otherwise end-up in a landfill will get dismantled and recycled separately.



4)  Introduce an office recycling program: Now that your office is clean, why not maintain that cleanliness throughout 2017? We can create a custom recycling program perfect for your office that will take care of everything from paper and cardboard to old computers and electronics. We provide you with recycling bins and will schedule pickups on a regular basis that can be adjusted at anytime.



If you’re interested in moving forward with any of these initiatives or if you need more information, email Jamie and he’ll be happy to chat!


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